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PBL at Coonamble Public School

Coonamble Public School pursues excellence in Student achievement and community participation by

  • Providing quality teaching and learning to support students to reach their full academic physical and creative potential.
  • Fostering respect, safety and learning and the building of relationships within a secure, caring environment.
  • Promoting responsibility and accountability by all members of the school community.

At Coonamble Public School, we are committed to promoting SAFE, RESPECTFUL LEARNERS. We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning School where the expectations have been collaboratively developed and applied to all school settings.

The PBL framework enables consistent use of teaching and positive reinforcement strategies among staff and a common understanding between teachers and students. The PBL team will work with staff, students and families to create ongoing PBL programs. Explicit teaching of positive behaviours through weekly lessons that are informed by analysed data will ensure students develop a deep understanding of the core values and behaviours that Safe, Respectful Learners display. 


A highly structured reward and discipline system is in place which encourages students to exhibit the core values of Safe, Respectful, Learners in all facets of school life. These structures were designed collaboratively through consultation with the entire school community. Teachers, students and community are familiar with the policies and procedures which actively reinforce PBL in the school.

Through the implementation of PBL at Coonamble Public School we are committed to building a school which:

  • Reinforces the values of the NSW Department of Education and Community
  • Is a safe and engaging place to be with high expectations for all
  • Creates an environment where learning is valued and embraced by students, families and staff.


Our goal is to ensure that all students will understand the core values of being Safe, Respectful Learners and this will ensure they can learn to the best of their ability and become self-disciplined, tolerant, enterprising and contributing members of the school and community.